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Toys and Tales: With Everyday Materials

I’m sure that most people with children feel that they and their children are victims of the marketing machine. If you do then this is the book for you (and for anyone else who likes making things). Hmm, not wishing to try and sell something else to you.



I bought Toys and Tales: With Everyday Materials (Craft without limits) in the huge Waterstones on Piccadilly in a moment of fustration. Finn and I went there as a special treat because the children’s department is so good. I was infuriated when all Finn wanted to look at were books about Kung Foo Panda and Star Wars, despite all the amazing books that were there. This book really cheered me up and supports all my feelings about the toy industry. It not only shows you how to make loads of toys from stuff you have lying around the house but it also explains how children of different ages respond to them. We have made quite a few and one in particular, the Clap-trap, provided a whole day of fun. You can have a jolly good look inside it on the Amazon site. I tried to see if you can buy it elsewhere on line but failed.

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