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Judith Bledsoe and Hellebor

We went to a little girl’s birthday party yesterday. We gave her these two books.


I have, what I think is, a growing passion for children’s literature. I love finding books that I had as a child to share with Finn and keep discovering others along the way. I was attracted by the covers of these books, especially the one on the left which is by Judith Bledsoe. I tried looking her up on the net. I found her (not very hard thanks to Google), she’s now an artist living in Paris and sounds impossibly glamorous. I couldn’t find out who the other illustrator is and, as usual, I’d left the wrapping of the present until the last minute and ran out of time to investigate. I really like the typeface they’ve used.

We are moving house soon and we’re in the process of finishing off our house and garden. It makes me very sad seeing it all looking so lovely! Hmm, there’s a lesson. Anyway in the process of planting a lovely willow tree, this beauty came a cropper. I thought I’d capture it’s beauty to the best of my photographic ability:


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