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Birthday Present

My husband and I have both just had a birthday and with some of our joint birthday money I bought a fantastic set of wooden blocks designed by a couple called millergoodman (may be I should say duo, I don’t know if they are a ‘couple’!). I did this partly to show my father that my husband is not hen pecked and although I asked for money for us both to go towards bed linen there were other more fun things on the list. I also get the feeling that this ‘toy’ is going to be (maybe is already) a design classic.  I have already enjoyed playing with it when I should have been doing other things and I have a feeling we’ll keep it somewhere near the ‘phone. I found these blocks on a great site belonging to a shop in Brighton called Castor and Pollux which I intend to visit shortly, but I bought them in a lovely shop in Lewes called Kings Framers where you can buy all sorts of wonderful prints. They have a link on their site to their on-line print shop where you can choose from a stunning collection of prints from a range of artists, including Edward Bawden, for, I think, reasonable prices. Maybe I’ll forget the sheets. 



  1. Emma! These are great! I don’t suppose Cathy would buy me some for my birthday….

    Hope all is well with the three of you….


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