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Years ago, I used to be a milliner. I think the recent exhibition at the V&A, Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones, has reawakened my interest in hat making. I got all my old photo’s of my hats out and remembered the old days. Luckily a friend of mine needs a little hat for a wedding and asked me if  I’d make her one. Her dress is a very stylish, graphic, asymmetric, Vivienne Westwood number. I have had a few ideas and I think a sort of origami flower might be good. After a perambulate around the net I found a flower that works. Here is a paper one that is my first attempt.


We’re off to Berwick Street and MacCulloch and Wallis to see what fabrics and bits and pieces we can find. I’ll keep you updated. The Stephen Jones exhibition is on until May 31st. It’s really wonderful, do try to see it if you like that sort of thing.


  1. Nick

    Try Hassle and Carlow on Theberton Street, It’s perfect.

  2. Dave Revelle

    Hi Emma,

    Going through some old cassette tapes recently, I came across an ansaphone cassette from about twelve years ago with a message from you still on it! You were about twelve hours behind on finishing a hat, I think, but finish you did. You were a milliner, lived in Brighton and had a shop near my flat close to Queenstown Road. There was also a connection with “David Devant and his Spirit Wife” (your husband, I beleve)who once congregated in my local pub after doing some recording in Bloomsbury (where I now live).

    love the origami hat!


    • emmacarlow

      My life seems to becoming full circle at the moment! I have just moved back to the south coast after living in London for a decade. I went out to see David Devant play in Brighton on Sunday and met up with people I hadn’t seen for years. All very rejuvenating I find! I am married to the drummer of David Devant. They still play occasionally, the lead singer also releases stuff under the name of Mr Solo, if you like their music. I must thank you for leaving a comment because it proves that someone, apart from my parents reads my blog.

  3. Kean

    Hey I just randomly came across your blog while googling for lotus origami. I absolutely love your lotus origami hat but I love that specific lotus origami pattern even more. Where did you get yours from? I’ve looked all over youtube and it seems like the one you have here is just not the same and I like it alot more than the ones they have on youtube. I’d greatly appreciate if you could let me know. Thanks and good job on the hats!

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