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Origami Hat

Ta da! Here is the result of my origami hat experiment. I must say I’m chuffed. The job was made a whole lot easier by using some lovely organdie that comes in a variety of colours from a wonderful shop in Berwick Street called The Cloth House. There are two of them, number 47 and 98, specialising in different types of fabric. Visit if you can, or try their website. My customers seemed very happy with their hats and I really enjoyed my trip down millinery lane.



  1. Isa

    These look wonderful! I’m sure your customers were delighted. I bet you really enjoyed it too.
    Love Isa X

  2. Hi Emma,
    I am looking for JUST THIS kind of origami flower for my wedding veil, where are you located and could you make me one if i provided you with the fabric? Silk taffeta and organza are the materials i’d like to work with. My deadline is Sept 1st, 2009. I live in New York.
    Thank you,

    • emmacarlow

      Dear Erin,

      I am so sorry for this late reply. Foe some reason this is the first time I’ve seen your comment about my origami hat. WordPress didn’t let me know you’d sent one for some reason. I would have loved to have made you a hat for your wedding. However I trust you found something equally gorgeous and had a wonderful day. Should you ever need another hat, drop me a line. I’m about to do some more origami ones. Best wishes, Emma.

  3. ingrideas

    that’s absolutely gorgeous. I would like to do something like this. would you like to share a sort of tutorial for the flower. thx in advance.

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