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Peg Doll Family

I saw these pegs out side a (hmm what should I call it…) flea market, yesterday and I had to buy them because they looked like a family.

Which reminds me of a wonderful book called All Kinds of Families by Mary Ann Hoberman, illustrated by Marc Boutavant. I think I’ve said before that I love Marc Boutavant’s illustrations and they merrily compliment Mary Ann Hoberman’s poem about all the different types of families there are. A refrain in the book is: “Bottle caps, gingersnaps, buttons, or rings. You can make families from all sorts of things!” It brings out the curator in me.


  1. SJ

    I love your little pegs! I have a collection also and I thought I had just about every shape but you have proved me wrong! I have a peg doll blog and would love to put these on for peg doll collectors to see, with your permission of course. Have a look and let me know what you think.


    • emmacarlow

      Dear Sarah,

      I’m thrilled that you want to put my peg family on your blog (which I loved), feel free to do so. I think I’ll dress them for Christmas, so I’ll let you know when I do!


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