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Back from France

I have just returned a camping trip in France and I thought I’d show you these great children’s magazines that I found in a wonderful comic shop in Tours. Is it just me or do the French love comics? I think I found four comic shops in one street. They are called Riquiqui Roudoudou Le Journal Qui Se Deplie (I think the last bit means ‘the paper that unfolds’) It is a craft magazine for children with a bit that unfolds in the back. These are all missing from my copies, but there are some wonderful illustrations and in the middle of two of them is a little book you can pull out and make. I think it was published during the 70’s. I especially¬†love the covers. I like the crude, bright, cut-out quality.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with them yet. Frame them may be. If you want some, I found them here, although they are a bit pricey. Mine were cheap because they’re not perfect. This looks like a good’n. Cute earrings!

Here is a spread from one of them. It shows the little book you can make. This makes me sad that stuff for today’s children is so slick. No anarchy.

Here is another. Scary head. Don’t worry, it’s only a mask.


  1. Dominique

    I live in Toronto and I have many Roudoudou and Riquiqui! Iam from France and used to get them as a child. I have many of them here in Toronto!!

    • emmacarlow

      Lucky you Dominique. There was nothing that interesting in England when I was little. I wish I’d bought all the ones I found in the shop.

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