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Emily Warren

Christmas is over. I’ve taken down the tree and put the decorations away. While rearranging the sitting room I hung up my present from my husband. It is a wonderful papier maché head of a bear. It was made by Emily Warren who lives locally. I have admired her work for some time and was able to choose my bear from a selection at an open house in Firle in December. I could have chosen the head of a budgie, an owl, a rabbit, a mouse or David Bowie (yes DB). This bear has a slightly sad expression, a bit like our cats’ when I ignore them. He looks noble.

I chose a lovely little present for Finn, also made by Emily. She calls it a Twiddle. It’s a little match box with a screen like hole cut out of it. There are two sticks that you turn, allowing you to view a collection of birds, each engaged in different activities. Writing a letter, brushing teeth, clicking fingers. I don’t know Emily but I imagine she has a lovely sense of humour. Take a look at her blog, the Stealthy Rabbit. I especially like her work for the End of the Road Festival.

If you want to buy Emily’s work you can contact her through her blog or she sells her work in Lewes at Wickle. Wickle is well worth a visit and if you buy something and have it gift wrapped it will probably be wrapped in charming paper designed by Emily.

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