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One of my favourite presents this Christmas was a game, Lego Creationary. It is similar to Pictionary, except that you have to make a model of the word you are trying to communicate instead of drawing it. It is surprisingly difficult, the amount of bricks is Spartan. Lego suggest that you take a photograph of any solutions that you are particularly proud of. By game three my husband was tempted to take a snap of a pile of white bricks together with two pairs of wheels and a small, transparent, blue brick which someone correctly guessed was an ambulance. Finn and I had a game last night and he insisted that I take a picture of my chick and I had to record my horrific shoe!

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  1. Nick Currey

    Hi Emma,
    I like your shoe. It reminds me of the built-up job that David Windship wore on his gammy right foot at my primary school c.1973.

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