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101 Things To Do With A Toast Catalogue

I think I could write a column about things you can do with a Toast catalogue. It’s worth signing up for it just for it’s usefulness around the house. The wonderful photography and Farrow and Ball colour palette make it a good substitute for wrapping paper. I have made origami stars out of it. A friend of mine uses it as sketch books for her children, the scenes are already there, her children add the action. The scene setting mood shots, devoid of sultry looking models are the best bit.

Next week Make Believe Café are hosting their first event of the year, a Valentine’s sort of evening, devoted to making chocolate boxes, to be held at Wickle. I have been doing lots of research and found it quite difficult to find anything that inspiring. There is plenty about making boxes but the styling leaves a little to be desired. I did find one site called VintiquitiesWorkshop with a Victorian Christmas decoration which inspired me to give our chocolate boxes a Victorian flavour. What shall I use to make the boxes? They have to be card. Enter the Toast catalogue cover! The subtle photography and chalky, dusty colours already have an antique quality. I found lovely Victorian style scraps at Le Boudoir. Any way, enough chatter, here are the results:

They can be as plain or as decorated as you like!

The Valentine’s Chocolate Box workshop will be held at Wickle, 24 the High Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2LU, 01273 487969 on Thursday, 3rd February at 7.30 – 9.30pm. Tickets cost £10 and include fizz and little eats.

Bring your Toast catalogue.

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