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A few minutes later

I know I have just posted an item but I didn’t feel I could include this post in the other. Tomorrow Make Believe Café are holding an event called Pimp Your Pants. It promises to be a high octane evening with music supplied by Kelly’s (one of MBC team) brother who owns a record shop – I’m not being old fashioned – he does sell records, cocktails and food from Café des Artists and inspiration from Sam Reece. Sadly Lou (the other part of MBC) is not at all well so Kelly and I are trying to do her proud and pull it off with some of the flair that Lou brings to our events.

We have been decorating pants (knickers) all day as inspiration for our guests tomorrow. I used to work as a childrenswear designer for M&S for years and regularly had to design graphics for five packs of knickers, you know; butterflies, polka dots, rainbows… you get the picture, Well, today I slipped too easily back into that roll and, to be frank my offerings were way too tame. Kelly and I went to set up the room for tomorrow and then shared a sherry or two with the proprietors of Café des Artists and then I came home and decided to have another stab at the pimping. Well to be honest, I have shocked myself…


And no doubt my dad, who avidly reads my blog. These are M&S pants. Do you think I should show them them?


  1. Fantastic Emma. I hope your dad is sitting down when he reads it. You know how you gave Viv the jewelry role at Christmas. It’s her birthday this month!!!

    Love Dawn x

  2. Dad

    In case your younger readers are confused I used the word wicked knowing full well that they will give it the opposite meaning.

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