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I think spring came today. The birds were singing complicated melodies in our garden and when we visited a friend in the country I was deafened by them. The sun shone and I saw snowdrops. This is my picture of them. Look at that sky.

The friend we visited is an artist and my husband was there to photograph her paintings. I had my camera too so I took pictures of all the handmade toys in her house.

This is where she works!

Yesterday Finn had a day off school when he wasn’t that ill, so I cruelly used the fact that we both knew he should be at school to force him to sew with me. He was in a corner and gave in with surprising ease. He was very proud of this:


  1. Nick

    Who’s your artist friend? – I like their shed. I now have a shed, sort of, finally.
    Nice owl Finn!

  2. Emma

    A shed eh? I bet that will be one of the best sheds once you’ve moved into it.
    E x

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