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New skirt

I’ve been working on some textile designs recently. Sadly I can’t post them on my blog because I sell them. Any way that’s over for now and I can return to the happy world of my blog. Things I have made recently include my new skirt. Ta da!

I think I might need a cheeky pair of shorts or a fancy petticoat to wear underneath to avoid unsightly flashes of my thighs.

I have also achieved a life long ambition to visit Legoland. Finn and I went on a slightly drizzly April day and there was no one there! We went on all the rides we wanted to, some of them twice. No queues. We walked through huge areas were there were fences to stream the crowds and ran passed signs which told us that from this position in the queue we had 30 minutes to wait. Not us. I could have done with out the rides. The part I had dreamt of seeing as a girl was the model town. I wasn’t disappointed. I liked it because it wasn’t very slick. Not like the brand that Lego has become. It was all a bit faded, as if they didn’t cover it in winter when the park closed. Lego grannies had fallen over, boats had sunk, Abba were still together and Wembley Stadium hadn’t changed.

Here are my edited highlights:

Yes, that’s Abba.


Look, the tube map!

Spot the drunken granny.

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