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The Star Wars Craft Book

Whilst I love making things, my boy Finn does not (at the moment?). I was overjoyed when he pestered me to buy him the Star Wars craft book. I was prepared to shell out £15 (or let my husband shell out) for the once in a lifetime opportunity to make something with Finn without having to use it as a punishment/bribe of some kind. We made a Wampa and I won’t harp on about it except to say that Finn did do most of it, he can now use a sewing machine, it took three hours to make and we were both shattered by the end of it. We were also still friends. Basking in the glory of feeling like a wholesome mother I pointed out that we had made a wonderful toy that had cost us nothing. Except the £15 for the book, he pointed out. If we make something else it will half the cost.

The book, picture styled by Finn.

Re-enacting a scene from the book.

It is a good book, by he way.

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