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David Devant and His Spirit Wife

Most of you know, but some of you may not, that I am lucky enough to be married to the drummer from the amazing band… David Devant. My husband has been away in NYC and to welcome him home we are supping wine and eating crisps and hangin’ out in our office. Finn is playing with his new Bobba Fet doll and making requests for tunes on Spotify. He demanded “David Devant” and we groaned and said they aren’t on there, but… THEY ARE! So now you can all boogie on down. Just type in David Devant and go for it.


  1. Nick

    Oh God no.
    Welcome home Rattie.
    Finn, You DO know Bobba Fet was a Baddie and EVIL, don’t you?
    ARE YOU??????

  2. emmacarlow

    Finn has just shrugged his shoulders. We need you GF, quick!

    E x

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