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Living With Boys

This summer seems to have been a very busy one. I haven’t had much time to write my blog, I’ve been very busy with Make Believe Café.

Being the summer holidays Finn has been at home a lot more and he is making his mark. The other day when I went to switch on the light in the loo, instead of the familiar bit of stone that I had tied onto the light pull I found a large sabre from Pirates of the Caribbean.

It made me laugh. Would a girl have done that? I live in a house in which I am the only female. Our pets are male too. I don’t think a girl would have done that. I few days later this happened…

we woke up to this.

I have decided to document all the visual signs of living with boys. Signs which I think are particular to boys. Infact, once I have learnt how to do it, I’m going to set up a flickr page where everyone can post their photographic evidence of living with boys. I don’t want sentimental pictures, although I’m sure some will be. I want pictures of scenes that a female struggles to make sense of.

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