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Tate St Ives

The school holidays are a difficult time to write a blog. We have seen and done many things and I would hate for some of them to be forgotten and not mentioned here.

We have often celebrated New Year in St Ives. We haven’t been there during the summer season before, but this year we went and had a fantastic time at the Tate. Their Summer Exhibition had a room full of balloons created by Martin Creed called Half the Air in a Given Space, enjoyed by everyone.

Another hit was a room where the height and name of each visitor had been recorded on the walls (I don’t remember who’s work it is and the Tate’s literature doesn’t mention it). I am an average (for a woman) 5.6ft and so lost in a dense forest of names. I envied children and smaller women like my friend Esther and her height companions, Susan, Miranda and Jenny. I have always wanted to have one of those walls with our family’s heights written on it but have never got round to it and now it would depressingly record me shrinking. At least now I know that we are part of an art piece.

My favourite room contained the work of Margaret Mellis. I couldn’t take any pictures and I can’t find the postcard I bought. But there are lots of good sites about her and her wonderful driftwood sculptures. I had never heard of her before. I would like this book:

All in all, we had a great time. It was lovely to have children with us and see their reactions to the shows. Afterwards we stepped out of the Tate onto the beach and ate our sarnies. Brilliant.

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