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I love harlequin patterns. I think it all started with Nathalie Pascaud’s party dress in M.Hulot’s Holiday (I couldn’t find a better picture of it, you’ll have to believe me, it’s wonderful).

I’m not alone, I’m sure. Brian Wildsmith uses the harlequin pattern in most of his books and spectacularly in the one called Puzzles. Any combination of colours seems to work.

On the Make Believe Café web-site I pledged to ‘make’ all my Christmas presents (sorry to those of you who receive presents from me). Looking for inspiration, I came across these fabulous blocks in The World of Interiors magazine and have been inspired to knit a cushion for one of you lucky people.

This is it so far, I’ll report back when it’s finished.

No one in my family needs to worry, this is not for you!


  1. Nick

    Hi Paisley,
    I can confirm that dress is pretty fab. You can see it a little better here, at 1.12:


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