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For the last year I have been working with my school friend, Emma. Strangely, we were introduced to each other by our teacher because we had the same name. This became a strong feature of our long lasting friendship. We were referred to as the Emmas and, both having blond hair, other children often asked us if we were twins. We stared back incredulously. What parent would name their twins, or siblings for that matter, with the same name? We don’t see each other that much, being at different ends of the country, but we did meet up a year or two ago at a flower show where we were asked if we were sisters of… Emma Forbes. Blimey.

Any way. Through Emma I have done lots of work for a farm called Low Sizergh Barn and Emma sent me a picture of my cake packaging in action, and here it is!

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  1. Emma Dewhurst

    Hi Emma it’s Emma! Apparently in the ‘olden’ days parents would give their children the same names because the mortality rate was so high and I guess it was the only way to hang onto a good name.

    I have a question too as Emmas seem to congregate (or do Susans or Sarahs I would love to know) which is what do you call a gathering of Emmas?

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