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Emma vs Friv

This is a battle that I am constantly fighting. Until today it was a battle that Friv (a free games website) was winning. I imagine (hope) many parents feel similarly to me. I would rather my boy did not play on the computer. Don’t get me wrong, I love computers. I use one every day. It’s the world of computer games that I struggle with. Yes, I know there are good ones, science ones, maths ones, creative ones and brain teasers. But do Finn and his friends play those ones. No, they enjoy shooting ones or cute animal ones. I have tried playing them myself and they are addictive and strangely mind numbing at the same time. What do they get out of them? I have many theories on this subject which (to your relief) I will spare you. That clopping noise you can hear is the sound of a high horse going away.

This morning I voiced my concerns, theories and opinions to my family and I have to say that a wonderful day ensued. We went to the pub and walked on the downs. Then we went home and we listened to Jarvis’ show and… I taught Finn how to knit! He took to it like a duck to water. After supper we watched The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and then, instead of a bedtime story Finn and I listened to a story tape and knitted in bed. At his suggestion! I can not tell you how pleased I am.

Here is my proof:

I know, like most parents, that computer games are here to stay and that it’s all about balance, but I am determined that they are not going to be the default activity in an age where we seem to think that being entertained is a human right.

And oi! Friv! I’m his mother.


  1. Nick

    Oh Great. Like any normal 45 year old, I have never heard of Friv. I googled it and have now just spent an hour getting increasingly obsessed with trying to fill tea cups whichhave been put in increasingly complicated arrangements with capricious falling sugar of different colours. Thanks a lot.

  2. emmacarlow

    Sorry bout that! You see what I’m up against. I read your comment to Finn and he said “I’ve played that, it’s really boring.” Hmm.
    Thanks for your interesting graphics email. I am planning to use it somehow…

    E x

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