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A Land of Milk and Honey

We are moving next week. How am I finding time to write posts on my blog? Two in two days. Well packing is boring and so I have time to think. When we move Finn has asked for (demanded at 4.30am this morning) a new bed. With this in mind I have been browsing the internet to find the best solution. I was looking at the Ikea site for ideas and came across their solutions to a good nights sleep, one of which was to stir a teaspoon of honey into hot milk. Well I tried this out last night and I was amazed. It is quite the most delicious night cap imaginable. In theory the honey balances you blood sugar and the milk stops you feeling hungry in the night ensuring a good nights sleep… until your child wakes you at 4.30am and demands a new bed.

New cards I found in the Tuesday market. No instructions.

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