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Happy Valentine’s Day

We have recently moved house and I’m not sure whether our new bedroom is colder than our old one or that it’s just the freezing weather. Any way, my beloved and I were shivering in bed the other night with our toes fighting for space on our hottie, when my husband suggested that we could have a hot water bottle each. I was amazed. It had never occurred to either of us in twenty two years that this was a possibility. I had noticed some very kitsch ones in our local hardware store. I had dismissed them, we already had a hot water bottle. The next day I went and bought one. I’ve made a cover for it because it is rather thin and very very hot. Here it is. Happy Valentine’s day my love! x


  1. Nick

    Ah that’s nice. But what a weird man your man is. Women generally have cold extremeties and need hotwater bottles, we don’t. In my experience, post-puberty we chaps have overridingly HOT feet. I myself always sleep with my size 12’s sticking out the duvet, and along with the central arm cuddle conundrum is one of the main causes of bedroom annoyance, duvets generally being symmetrical rather than having a male foot indentation step. Maybe I should market male/female double duvets shaped like a piece in a Tetris game. Not that you’d buy one, what with your lady-footed man. Just saying. Nice bottle cover though. Happy Valentines. My bird got wine and chocolates – her admirer has no imagination.

  2. emmacarlow

    Thank you for your comments Nick and Karen! Nick, Graham isn’t from as far north as you.

  3. Nick

    Oh I’m not claiming I’m harder, I just have hot feet!
    I blame lack of iodine in the water – it gives you Derby Nesh.

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