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These are the first socks that I’ve ever knitted. I was lured into the world of sock knitting by the wonderful selection of sock yarn available. I fell for a yarn from Nimu Yarns. I warn you not to visit this site unless you want to knit because their yarns are the wool version of the Sirens. Can you resist names like ‘humming bird’ and ‘golden pheasant’? Me neither. Violet Green also have a lovely selection, check out ‘jabberwock’. My stomach is churning with excitement as I type.

I am not normally a fan of the space-dyed yarn, too much like my french teacher’s jumper (70’s), but the experience of knitting with this wool was a treat. I’m sorry that I didn’t take a picture of it when it arrived. It was a rich purple at one end and a juicy lemon at the other with shades of green and deep pink in between. Knitting it reminded me of travelling along the motorway through the New Forrest with all the heather and gorse on either side of the road. I imagine it is similar to Harris tweed that is said to reflect all the colours of the island. It also feels so nice, my yarn is 80% Superwash Merino 10% Cashmere 10% Nylon (the nylon is for strength). It is expensive but your socks will still cost you less than a posh pair from Toast. And I had enough left to knit these for one of Finn’s teacher who is about to have a baby.

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