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Our friend Sarah has opened a café/grocery shop around the corner from our house. I like this. She makes the best cinnamon buns and she has asked me to help her with some graphics and it gives me an excuse to make some lego type. I forgot to ask my photographer to take a snap of the closed sign.


  1. Emma

    Emma you are teasing me with these cinnamon buns – Mrs Houston Stoke and Chelsea buns is all I will say on the matter. Love the lego signs!

  2. Nick Currey

    Nice sign, looks like it’s quite heavy for the cotton holding it up. I hope the ‘Closed’ version is red?
    I bet those cinnamon buns are nice though they look rather visceral, like something on a meat counter. Actually, the price tag pin is like the ones my local butcher uses!
    What’s the name of the shop?

    • emmacarlow

      It’s called Pleasant!! And yes, the closed version IS red. x

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