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Can’t Sleep

Make Believe Café started a knitting/crochet evening called Pleasant Yarns (a sweet/Lewes alternative to Stitch and Bitch) a few months ago. Sara lets us gather every other Tuesday at Pleasant Stores on the proviso that we eat cake and drink coffee. I usually have a latte and cake which never troubles my sleep but tonight I had a decaff and here I am at 1.56am tapping away. I’ve just found this snap of Sara modelling her new apron that we designed (‘we’ being Sara and me, I’ve not gone all royal on you).


So I thought i’d update my blog with a bit of boasting. My proudest moment this week was when I discovered my work mentioned on Print and Pattern, a blog that many people read for inspiration about, well, print and pattern. It seems that my work has made it into John Lewis! I can’t find a photo of the finished textile but here is my computer sketch.


They’ve changed the colours. I suppose they are more commercial now. And a bit sickly.

I’ve mentioned before that this time of year can catch the easily flattered designer unawares. I found myself with an hour and a half to design a bookmark for Finn’s school, to be presented to each child to mark their ‘moving on’ to another year/class and for the oldest ones, school. I was helpfully supplied with this tear jerking quote from Mark Twain ‘Explore. Dream. Discover.’ Well it brings tears to my eyes. If only every child could do this. I won’t go on but here’s a fantastic speech by someone who knows what they’re talking about (Sir Ken Robinson). I have had some plastic alternative to lino lying around waiting to be used. I spent half an hour happily cutting away. So nice to get off the computer. Et voila!


I had planned to show you some knitting, but I might try to sleep now…



  1. emmacarlow

    So glad you like it! I write it mostly so I don’t have to boast and procrastinate too much in public. It’s good to know that someone apart from my parents read it.

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