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Fridge Jam

I must just share a recipe for fridge jam before the berries all disappear. I first had fridge jam at my german friend’s house and she told me how to make it. It has since become very trendy and they serve it at Ottolenghi and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has a recipe for it. I make it each year using strawberries and a large amount of red currents that my neighbour always gives me. All you do is boil up fruit and sugar, a ratio of 2 (fruit) to 1 (sugar) for about seven minutes once it has reached boiling point. Skim off any foam and then pour into sterilised jars. Keep it in the fridge. It keeps for a while, safely three weeks. I also freeze it so that you can use it in winter when you need perking up. It keeps really fresh and zingy. It’s runnier than regular jam which makes it great for yogurt or ice cream etc. I swear it is so easy that I made some while making supper, and I am not one of life’s multi taskers.


  1. Emma Dewhurst

    I read a recipe for gooseberry and banana jam in yesterday’s Guardian and it reminded me of your fridge jam. The author was German so maybe they know a thing or two about good jam!

  2. emmacarlow

    That sounds fantastic! I once ate banana jam and it was so good that I dreamt about it! x

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