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Today I Have Mostly Eaten Bread

A wonderful thing happened to me the other night. We were staggering back from eating a curry and we bumped into a neighbour who had just helped a friend remove a tray of honey from a hive in the churchyard. We crowded round to have a look and the friend let us all try a bit. I have never tasted anything like it. It was like tasting flower juice and butter all in one. I enquired whether he sold it, but he doesn’t, it’s just for family and friends. Imagine my surprise when he turned up on our doorstep with a little jar for Finn. I’m not sure I’ll ever eat commercial honey again. I plan to sell my soul to the honey man in return for this golden nectar.



  1. Emma Dewhurst

    What a wonderful blog and maybe your plans to sell your soul for more will keep Graham at home? I have to admit to buying that very expensive New Zealand honey with super medicinal properties when sore throats struck our household recently.

  2. Nick Currey

    You already sold your soul to the honey man when you married that country boy from Derbyshire. My lass swears by set ivy honey (I think it is). Tastes like treacle, bloody expensive.

    • Emma Dewhurst

      whilst we are on the subject of the country boy – that will be the one that looks like our new yellow sweatered cycling hero.

      • Nick Currey

        Wiggo? There’s a resemblance.
        I wondered if anyone has noticed the remarkable similarity between the former Prime Minister of Japan Mr Junichiro Koizumi and Mr Graham Carlow? I wonder if perhaps they might be related.

  3. emmacarlow

    He does a bit! He’s just as skinny. I’ll try that Ivy set honey when I get some cash.

  4. emmacarlow

    Nick you are a rotter! Now can we change the subject? Don’t you know that this blog is all about me?!

    • Nick Currey

      [video src="" /]

    • Nick Currey

      It’s ripped from Puss in Boots – he’s a wee cat that comments on the action a few times by making this noise. Says it all really. I assumed you’d have seen it because you have a child and cats, but maybe not.

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