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The Seamstress

This is a picture of me looking self conscious in my new top. Living with a photographer, you may imagine I have many flattering pictures of myself. But sadly my beauty is so elusive to my husband’s camera that the reverse is true. As I write he is testing a new lighting set up for a job by snapping pictures of me while I work. This happens a lot and I am always eager to see if he has captured me looking relaxed or intellegent. But no. I am usually slouching, I’m not as blonde as I imagine and my neck is sagging. Any way, enough of my vanity. This is a post about my new top.

For a few months I have been working along side my old friend Diana. We are college friends and have always loved sewing together. Like all of us, we have bits of our body that defy high street clothing and making our own solves this problem. To cut a long story short we have decided to teach adults how to sew. We have designed a small collection of clothes (my new top included) that cover all the basic things one needs to know to start making your own. A skirt for beginners teaches you about pockets and zips. A dress teaches gathering and binding. You get the picture. I must say that I am really proud of these clothes and I find myself wearing them most of the time. I made a flyer to advertise our lessons and I wrote down why it’s good to be able to sew:

1. Satisfaction! You experience the joy of wearing something that you love and you’ve made yourself.

2. Suit yourself! You can make something that suits you and fits your body perfectly. Take advantage of all the wonderful fabric around you – in the shops, at your grandma’s, under the bed and at the jumble sale.

You are free from the tyrany of The Highstreet!

3. It’s ETHICAL! Clothes you make yourself last longer. You slow down, invest more time and consume less.

We have been teaching women for a couple of months. Diana trained as a teacher and has held sewing classes in the past but it’s new to me. It’s tiring but I really enjoy seeing the satisfaction on people’s faces when they come out of the changing room wearing something that fits them and they’ve made themselves.

We are called

Next week we launch our Autumn collection. We’re going to be sewing frantically until then. Photos to follow.


  1. Emma Dewhurst

    Dear Emma you have your mother’s mouth and I have my mother’s early wrinkling skin! How do we end up morphing into them? Looking forward to seeing the results of your sewing day and the winter collection. X

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