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Things I Made This Summer 1

I have made a lot of things this summer, but like everyone else, no time to show anyone. I thought I’d gradually put them on my blog when I have a minute to spare. So here is number one.

This summer my husband was photographing all the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympics and Paralympics. You can imagine, we didn’t see much of him. Crazily I tried to make up for his absence by racing around all over the place, seeing friends and catching up with my parents. In short I treated our house like a hotel; but it had no staff. One morning, surrounded by holiday washing, empty tea cups, misplaced lego figures and wilting plants, I decided to take matters in hand. I tipped my huge collection of knitting needles out on to my unmade bed and decided to sort them into pairs, discarding odd ones and giving away any that I had more than two sets of. It made a huge difference to my state of mind if not reality.

The result of this task are these lovely knitting needle bracelets, made from the odd plastic ones I had. I found out how to do it here. It was really easy. I used clothes pegs to hold them in place instead of bull dog clips.

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