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Pleasant Yarns

knitting montage72

Last night’s knitting group at our local café, Pleasant Stores, was much smaller than usual, but full of my friends. A lovely way to spend a couple of hours on a cold night. I like this montage of pictures because I think it captures the scene quite well. Only Louisa hasn’t gobbled up her cake (but she is drinking sherry). The toes poking in at the bottom are mine. It seems it’s trendy to photograph your feet these days. Sara, who owns the shop, is the one in the rust cardi who is reading. We did a bit of surfing and found these sites:

Mimi Kirchner

Frankie Brown on Ravelry 

Alan Dart

and 3191 Miles Apart




  1. Gaye

    Working in South Africa as you do and now sitting in my room catching up on emails. The pictures say so much about friendship, common spirit and how special it is to be amongst those you trust , sitting quietly. Wish I could knit and wish I was home x Gaye

    • emmacarlow

      When you get home, come and join us and we’ll teach you! I tell you what, it’s flippin’ freezing here!xx

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