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A Belated Happy Christmas

I hope you had a happy Christmas. Ours was quite chaotic with four children and only three adults  and an absence of grandparents. The lack of grandparents meant that we steered the Christmas galleon without a rudder and the map was upside down. The Queen was forgotten and our meal was interrupted by Room on the Broom. I think I feel a little guilty about this and perhaps I’d like a re-run with things a little more shipshape. But as we got into bed on Christmas day night we did observe that there had been no tantrums, whinging, pressure or tears (and no one had touched the computer).

However, I did start a new tradition. The Yule Log. I have had yule log before but it has never taken stage at our house. Finn and I watched the Hairy Bikers make one and I thought it would be a fun thing to do together. I ended up making it alone but I’m pleased now because I got all the glory. I was worried it would be too sickly but the Hairy Biker recipe is genius. The magic ingredient? Camp coffee. I won’t go on. You must make one yourself. It’s easy and hugely impressive.

yule log


  1. Nick

    Hi Paisley,
    That is indeed an impressive looking log. My other half has a deeply ingrained NEED for Yule log, something about her Austrian roots. I find it rather sickly as you feared yourself, but camp coffee might be the answer. Though not sure it would get past the Devon and Cornwall area Log steering committee (seasonal, subsection ‘Yule’)…

  2. Nick

    The Devon and Cornwall area log steering committee says all Yule log must only be eaten with an indecent amount of Roddas clotted cream smeared upon its side.

  3. Emma

    Just back from Germany and not a yule log in sight. At first I thought you might have gone for the Mary Berry version, which went down rather well with Paul and had an offshoot so very stick like. I also want to have a go at making the Yule log a new tradition in our house but I am yet to rescue a cherished childhood one of making the Christmas tree. Dressed in swimming outfits we went outside to gloss paint a dead branch white. This look is very in now 🙂

    Who is the Nick person who knows to call you Paisley? He surely can’t know you as well as your fellow boarder of too many years.

    • emmacarlow

      Your family were always ahead of the curve with their metro-ethnic style.

      Nick is Graham’s friend from college who took a shine to my middle name, possibly meaning to tease me?! Since I think my middle name is cool, I don’t mind and he’s yet to change it to Parsley like some of my fellow boarders did!

      Happy New Year! xxxx

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