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Austin Kleon

Having just read ‘Show Your Work’ by Austin Kleon I have decided to write my blog again. I am in the middle of a year off from work in which I have been exploring what to do next. It’s been brilliant so far, a bit like an art foundation course but without the Black Witches and student romance. I have made some work of which I’m proud but there is too much to show now so I’ll just start the blog from today and show bits and pieces as they arise.


Apart from reading Austin Kleon’s books (another great one is ‘Steal LIke an Artist’) I have enjoyed listening to Swiss Miss and attending creative meet ups organised by Alice at Wild Folk Coworking. These are some of the things have given me the encouragement to keep making stuff and I think I’m beginning to get somewhere.


  1. Nick Currey

    A meaner spirit might observe
    That talk is cheap, also verve
    If notwithstanding all this chatter
    We see nowt – What’s the matter?
    I’m sure it’s all completely fab
    But how to tell? Call a cab
    Take a breath
    Soon comes Death
    Do not shirk
    Show Your Work!

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