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Introducing My Poster

When I’ve had five minutes to spare in the last few months I have been working on a poster that you can colour in. I picked it up from the printer today and here it is! It’s GIANT (A0), the size if a three year old.


As I set off to collect them our car broke down. Luckily my local branch of Fedex was there to help. Thanks Kelly, Japhy and Albie. I couldn’t have made it home without you. I will set up an Etsy shop over the weekend if anyone would like to buy one. If you are local you can buy one at The Seamstress in The Needlemakers. If you’re not send me your address and I’ll post one to you. They cost £


  1. Anonymous

    so, my first ever comment…… and i have saved it for today. Absolutely beautiful, think i shall have to purchase it and frame it as it is sooooo beautiful I will use it instead of a picture on the wall in the girls’ bedroom. I can hope that if i keep it behind glass one day they may be old enough to be allowed to break it and colour it in. Probably when they are old enough to appreciate it and i will not be so worried about them ‘spoiling’ it. Hmm, i think i am a controlling parent.

    well done Emma. Inspiring as always……. x

    • emmacarlow

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Unfortunately my blog hasn’t let me know who you are! I’ve been wracking my brain about who you might be…

  2. Nick Currey

    That looks amazing. I’ll have 2, emailing separately.
    I hear by confirm you have shown your work.

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