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Present at Present & Correct

I’m very excited that I have my first stockist for my colouring in poster. Stationery addicts will probably have visited Present & Correct’s beautiful site and will appreciate how honoured I feel to be there along side such cool stuff. I visited their actual shop in Islington when I delivered the posters and it’s just as beautiful as the online version.



  1. Nick Currey

    Congrats Paisley. And that shop link is amazing; I may have to walk over to the actual shop now – Google maps tells me it is 0.6 miles from Hassle & Carlow.

    • emmacarlow

      It’s worth a visit. I did feel like I was in my old stomping ground although it’s obviously much grander these days! x

  2. Nick Currey

    Just been to Present & Correct. Bought half of it. Am now busking on Upper street to get bus fare home.

    • emmacarlow

      Ha! It’s great isn’t it. Finn could give you tokens for your birthday?! x

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